Wednesday, March 03, 2004  

Reading writing and arrhythmia.

My first TMA arrived back this morning, freshly marked by my course tutor. I felt my pulse race a little as I opened the envelope. I passed ! He chided me for not including scientific notation in all my workings, although I did get a decimal point in the wrong place on question 2. The question that asked me to waffle about why and how we sweat was my best; there’s a surprise eh ? Waffling being one of my pass times.

I think I have got my head around this OU thing, at first it terrified me. It seemed like I didn’t have enough time to do the work. With a little thought and planning in my study time I found it a lot easier. I have now managed to start reading for pleasure again. Nick Hornby – How to be good.

Which has got me thinking about relationships and why so many are doomed to failure. I’m only about fifty pages into the book so it’s too early for a review. It has kicked off a thought process though, mostly about selfishness and greed. When I have inadvertently found myself watching one of the turgid daytime TV programs about matters of the heart, I invariably find myself staring agape at a couple of chavs who think that airing their dirty washing on national television is akin to a course of very expensive therapy. These Burberry clad inbred half-wits all seem to say a variation of the same theme, namely that they aren’t getting everything that they want. This pattern of selfishness runs through most of these programs both here and in the US. There is a whole generation of people growing up who will settle for nothing less than getting everything that they want. Mathematically this is a big fucking problem, half the world will be bitter and twisted and the other half won’t care.

Of course there are the cases on daytime telly that just defy belief, “I’ve been living with my boyfriend for a year and I’ve brought him on your show today to tell him that I’m really a man” No shit mate, you have a bigger Adams apple than me, did he miss the tell tale signs ? You know, like the fact that you shave in a morning, or piss standing up. Or, if you’re like most other blokes I know, you scratch your bollocks about 74 times a fucking day ? Then there’s the sex……. I’m not even going to open that can of worms; fuck knows what manner of weirdo will find me from a google search. Then the poor sap comes on, and he really didn’t know ! The poor fucker is heartbroken, but then I think “hang on a minute” You loved him/her, why now that you find out he’s got a cock do you stop loving him ? Is it ‘cos it’s bigger than yours ?

Selfishness ! He/she for lying in order to keep the bloke and him for giving in to a society that frowns on any relationship that isn’t considered normal. This world is going to be a very lonely place to live, populated by asexual loners, too scared to commit themselves just in case they get the smallest cream bun.

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