Tuesday, March 02, 2004  

Carpe diem.

Or actually, seize the moment is what the poster at work says, but I can’t find a Latin translation of moment, so seize the day will have to do.

As usual the corporate wank-masters have totally missed the fucking point with their jingoist bollocks. They have taken a metaphysical call to arms and turned it into a fucking buzz phrase. No we’re not talking about cherishing every day as if it were our last, what these transnational whoremongers are referring to is an in house training scheme. Soulless cunts !

Chairman Momo talks about action, reaction and the need for periods of calm reflective thought. I have always thought that “doing” was what we were best at. All the best feelings in the world come after we have done something. Reaction will always be what a large group will do; there is always one leader and many followers. Action is such a lonely path to forge. This site has made me think so much in such a short space of time that it has become the only non-blog to be included in the places to go section.

Coming soon, a new questionnaire, are you a Chav ? If you don’t know what a Chav is, check this out !

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