Monday, March 01, 2004  

Back to blue.

I really didn't like the green very much. I just couldn't be arsed changing it. Today I could.

After my recent computer failure I lost the dial up connections for my web space. I also lost the info for the shop site and the lifeboat site. I tried to find it in my internet pads (I have pads going back to 1999 when I first plugged in) it wasn't there. The dawning realisation that I was going to have to phone a call centre and speak to someone left me with a sinking feeling. These feelings weren't helped by the fact that the phone number was virtually impossible to find on their website, hidden on a page about html help. You can imagine my surprise when I did ring !

Call centre bloke: Hello Freeola customer help line ?
Me: Hello, I'm trying to find my dial up info and ftp info, I've lost it.
Csb: Certainly sir, can you give me the URL and your name and address ?
Me: Yes, blah blah blah.
Csb: K, one second.
Csb: Right, it's blah blah blah.
Me: Thank you very much.
Csb: Anything else I can help you with today ?
Me: No, thank you that's fine !
Csb: K, bye.
Me: Bye !
Me: ?

Far too easy that was, I'm still feeling a bit puzzled. He was bright, cheerful and he did what I wanted him to.

I feel I should explain what the pads are. A5 with the coiled spring holding the tops together. I jot down things while I'm online; ideas and things to do. Colours off peoples cs sheets, snippets of code, curry orders, email addresses, messages to the tax dodger when he lived at home, plans and layouts for web sites, poems, insurance quotes and all manner of general jottings. I'm currently on volume 7, the other six have the dates that they were used written on the front cover. How organised is that ?

When I get around to re-installing photoshop I'll scan a random page, and wack it on for everyone to see the inner workings of my head.

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