Monday, February 16, 2004  

Rain gauge.

After sending my first assessment to my tutor, I embarked on block 2 of this years foray into the world of the Open University. I had only just started when the book asked me to do my first practical assignment. The rain gauge.

In fact I had to build two, one with an open top and one with a funnel top. This, I was told, will illustrate how much water is lost through evaporation. The design and construction of this equipment was not what bothered me, but more where I was going to put the fucking things. You see, we live on the third floor, in the roof space of an old church. Not many places to erect a piece of metrological apparatus on the roof of an old church.

After much thought I decided to do it at work. So this morning I constructed the two bluetealeaf patented rain gauges and half buried them, in a mound of earth, in the works garden. I know when I get back there on Wednesday that someone will have either (a) pissed in them, or (b) nicked them and put something hideous in their place.

I have a feeling that this course is going to be very trying.

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