Friday, February 13, 2004  

Pear shaped.

I finally got around to building my new puter, same guts but a new case and dvd re-writer. I took me about two hours of carefull cajoling, and about two hours of shouting and swearing, finally it was done.

It worked for about twenty minutes, then shut itself down. I tried again, same thing. I tried again, nothing. It just sat there and refused to cooperate. I dug out an old 850 athalon and tried to boot up with that, nothing. I found an old 10 gig hard drive and after formatting, intalling windows 98, then upgrading to XP it finally worked.

The only problem I have now, I have lost all my programs. The old drive will read in the new system but all the applications are fucked. My files are intact, so I suppose I should be grateful. Ah well, start again.

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