Sunday, February 22, 2004  

Lists v compilations

I've noticed a tendency in a few of my female acquaintances to make lists. A shopping list, a xmas pressie list, a list of all the fucking list they have made. It's not the kind of thing I would normally do, and I don't know any other blokes who would. However, yesterday whilst a friend ran me to Carlisle to collect something we were listening to a compilation CD he had. It struck me that this is the male equivalent of the list, except far more in depth. We discussed the best approach to construct the perfect compilation. Whether cross genre was acceptable, if you could have massive jumps in tempo with adjacent songs, and what was the maximum number of songs per artist. It was generally accepted that to have the same song twice on one compilation was a grave error of schoolboy proportions, and having Elastica following Sting stretched the genre/tempo argument to the limit. I spent quite a bit of time compiling my list of all-time favourite songs (the list changes daily). What surprised me was that they would probably make a really crap compilation, too many different styles. Overall nowadays, I tend to listen to chilled out music, I love Nora Jones, Dido, David Gray, Sara McLachlen, Damien Rice and a host of others, but ! A compilation to be listened to in the car must be upbeat and have that sing-along quality. Here is my next driving compilation:

01. The Doors - Alabama song.
01. PJ Harvey - Good fortune.
03. The Who - Substitute.
04. Stone Roses - Ten-storey love song.
05. Black Crows - Too hard to handle.
06. Van Morrison - Brown eyed girl.
07. Foo Fighters - Everlong.
08. Oasis - She's electric.
09. Levellers - Dirty Davey.
10. Louis Prima - Angelina zooma zooma.
11. The Monkeys - Last train to Clarksville.
12. The Smiths - Panic.
12. The Skids - Into the valley.
13. Steve Harley &TCR - Make me smile.
14. The Devine Comedy - Gin soaked boy.
15. Animals - House of the rising sun.
16. Stranglers - Golden brown.
17. James - Sit down.

Singing your bollocks off while you're driving is ace ! Stick your ultimate playlist in the comment box; I need ideas for my next marathon kazaa session.

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