Monday, January 19, 2004  

Trussst in me....

Yesterday morning I wandered into the living room just as David frost was starting an interview with Michael Howard. It was the first time in a good while that I have seen either of these two dinosaurs, so I sat and watched it. In typical politician style the leader of the opposition only answered the questions that he wanted to, the rest he either twisted around or sidestepped completely. With his insincere grin and his malevolent eyes, he reminded me of Kaa the snake from jungle book. Frost did little to make the interview uncomfortable for Howard - Remember Paxman asking him 14 times if he had made the director of prisons a scapegoat for the Whitemoor escape ? - Frost almost seemed to help Howard construct some kind of party political broadcast. The end result, well I'm sure people with short memories will be attracted to the latest round of Tory tax cuts, and totally forget 13% mortgage rates. Don't get me wrong; I'm not advocating voting for the grinning cunt at number 10 either. That doesn't leave anyone else really does it ? Liberals are nondescript, Greens are a bit odd, I have a problem with their drug policies and their ideas about Europe. But I agree with their policies on defence and industry. It's a shame they don't pose a serious threat to the main two parties. The socialist labour party, they seem a natural place to start for someone disillusioned with new labours swing towards big business. Well their policies sound reasonable to me, but I can't help feeling that this kind of party has had it's chance and blown it, a quick look at their website will give you some idea of their professionalism. All the rest are here, and they aren't worth mentioning.

What to do !

I may have to start my own party, names and manifesto to follow.

Prepare for the fourth way !

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