Friday, January 30, 2004  

A little knowledge….

I read quite a lot, and it’s a good mix of fact and fiction. However, the fact based books I have read recently have all been about lying politicians. I sit and read books by Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, George Monbiot and most recently Al Franken, and I laugh at the way these clever writers take the awful truth and make it funny (With the exception of Chomsky who could take the most riveting subject and send you into a permanent vegetative state).

Then I watched with mounting horror as Hutton passed judgement from on high. I was appalled; the guy’s middle name is obviously whitewash. Old news I hear you cry, well here’s the thing….it was a wake up call. I have spent far too long laughing at these fuckers over the last few months. These people aren’t just fodder for the satirist, they’re running our lives and they should be accountable for the things they do.

I am reading an Ian Banks book about a London DJ, and fuck me if it isn’t about current politics. I just can’t escape; everywhere I turn there are lies and deceit. Is there no honour left in this world ? Why is it so difficult to tell the fucking truth, to have the courage of your convictions and stand up for what you believe ?

I needed escapism and found it in Peter Kay, the man’s a fucking genius. Just one line from tonight’s episode of one of my most hated programs and I was away again. I think I need to watch Bill Hicks; he treats politicians with the contempt they deserve.

I have been critical of the BBC in the past; get this, for being pro government. I think their coverage of last years atrocities in Iraq were a little one sided at times. I heard very few dissenting voices and saw scant evidence of a balanced view. The way they jumped on the fly-on-the-wall-docu-soap bandwagon has been a waste of time and money. Their sport coverage is virtually fucking non-existent and Anne Robinson is a ginger freak. However, I think they have been seriously fucked up the arse by Lord Hutton, bent over and given a fucking good seeing to. Ah well, one more reason to hate Blair and his cronyism.

Cunts !

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