Sunday, January 25, 2004  

The fourth way.

My 38th birthday passed in unremarkable style, just as planned. I'm still cursed with a relentless apathy coupled with a large dose of procrastination. I'm three weeks behind with the curry reviews, I still haven't finished the new template and I have my first OU TMA to do very soon. The cause ? I have been reading, a couple of fiction books followed by "Dude, where's my country ?" and currently "Lies and the lying liars that tell them" By Al Franken which in my opinion is better than Michael Moore. There are not many things better than proving right wing fuck heads are lying through their teeth.

One thing I wouldn't recommend is watching Reign of fire. I sat through it last night and I have to say it's one of the worst films I have had the misfortune to watch. Matthew McConaughey played a cross between general Patten and Popeye, while Christian Bale showed everyone why he shouldn't be the next Batman. The script was garbage, the acting was sponsored by Ronseal and even the special effects weren't that special. This could have been such a good film, which is why it was so disappointing. The dragons were definitely Turkeys.

Anyway, one thing I have managed to do is start my manifesto for a better Britain.

Because this manifesto is a bulky and somewhat tedious document, I have split it into manageable chunks. I don't profess to be in any way an expert on such matters, and these ideas will have holes and omissions. Look on them as the skeletons waiting for debate to flesh them out. I will endeavour to tackle one subject per post, which will build, over the coming weeks, into a document outlining my requirements for 21st century Britain. Issue one comes with a free binder*

Issue 1. Defence.

Britain will, without exception, cease and desist all conflict on foreign soil, effective immediately. All money saved from these fruitless ventures will be diverted into the health service. The military will be adjusted both in numbers and cost to provide adequate defence of our shores only.

Properly organised, Britain will have a well-equipped highly mobile armed forces to defend our land sea and air space against an invasion, however improbable.

All money wasted on Trident and other missiles will be diverted to education. Britain will unilaterally disarm itself of its nuclear capability. All savings will go towards providing a fair system of social security.

Arms manufacturers will be barred from peddling weapons to anyone but the ministry of defence. It is the contention of this party that today's wars are instigated and perpetuated by the military industrial complex. This party will rid Britain of the image of international bully, and usher in a new period of peace, where diplomatic solutions will be sought to international problems.

All foreign military bases on British soil will be closed with immediate effect. Personnel, weapons and equipment will be relocated to the country of origin.

If Britain refrains from imposing it's will on other countries, and instead helps others find real solutions to problems that poorer countries face, we will cease to be a target for terrorism. For too long this country has encouraged evil regimes that allow us to get our way, whilst punishing lesser evildoers who go against our wishes.

We will champion a new global benchmark for human rights, infant mortality, literacy, equality and freedom of speech. Together with other European countries we can find non-military methods of encouraging the rest of the world to accept the minimum standard. Not only will this ensure our safety in the future, but it will save countless millions of pounds that can be used for much needed services here in Britain.

*Binders are subject to availability.

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