Monday, January 05, 2004  

Don't just read, think !

Whilst mooching around blogworld today I found a site that accuses almost all British blogs of being anti-American. I find this really sad. I can only speak for myself, I’m not anti American, I’m anti Bush. I despise the way that the political system is run in America, but I despise the way our system is run also. The reason there has been a marked increase in the criticism of America is because you have a right wing Christian fundamentalist in the white house. A man responsible for hundreds of deaths whilst Governor of Texas, he didn’t get the nickname “Texacutioner” for nothing. His anti abortion laws are sick, his total disregard for international efforts to cut global warming, outlaw landmines and reduce the exponential growth of AIDS has gained him enemies in every corner of the globe. All this pales into insignificance when you look at his actions against two countries. First Saudi Arabia, the home of the Bin Ladens. After the eleventh of September 01 when it was muted that Al Qaeda were responsible for the attacks on the WTC, Bush and his cronies arranged for members of the Bin Laden family resident in the US to be flown home to Saudi. Why was that ? Something to do with them having business links with the Bush family maybe. Why didn’t George go to war with Saudi, they bank rolled Osama. Next we have Iraq, Bush had absolutely no cause to go to war with this country, no legitimate reason anyway. To this day no WMDs have been found. What they did find was plenty of oil and some big fat rebuilding contracts. Don’t get me wrong; Bush isn’t a one-man war machine. Clinton did his fair share of kicking ass on foreign soil, and he went back on some big election promises. No doubt the next incumbent of the white house will be much the same. As long as big business runs politics the man in the street will be way down the list of priorities.

This of course brings us to an even sadder point. Blair wants to be just like Bush. Blair and his shadow cabinet spoke out about issues like the PFI and the export credit guarantee. They critisised the then government over selling weapons to Indonesia that were used to kill innocent people in East Timor. As soon as they got in power they went back on every point, actively increasing the amount of arms sold under the ECG under their new “ethical foreign policy” and increasing by a massive margin the amount of PFI hospitals in the pipeline. We now have schools sponsored by private enterprise. We now have the gas board supplying our water; the phone company supplying our gas and the water company making us pay for the improvements the government is making them introduce. We have private prisons with inmates working in the private sector, it’s no wonder Dyson has shifted his manufacturing lock stock and two smoking hoovers to the Far East. Blair wants the whole thing, right down to the ten-gallon hat and shit-eating grin (Oh he already has one of those). You can argue that we started the ball rolling with our Empire; we have done our share of evil deeds. Someone has made a comparison between Bush and Hitler. I personally think that’s unfair. Hitler turned round Germany’s economy from fucking appalling to very strong. He did commit terrible crimes against several million innocent people, he was a murdering fuck-head. But then America murdered 250 million Native Americans and to this day is the only nation to drop an atom bomb. But that’s the past, lets look forward. You kick Bush out of the white house, we’ll get rid of the grinning cunt at number 10 and we’ll try again, waddya say ? A new start.

So no, not anti American. Anti Bush anti Blair, anti military industrial complex, anti lying bastards.

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