Sunday, January 04, 2004  

Cumbrian Odyssey #1.

Akash Tandoori
Tangier Street Whitehaven.

Meal for 3:

6 Popadums with assorted pickles.

1 Chicken tikka jalfrezi.
1 Lamb Ceylon.
1 Chicken tikka garlic.
1 Garlic pilau.
1 Vegetable pilau.
1 Plain pilau.

1 Bombay aloo.
1 Garlic naan.
1 Peshwari naan.

The bill included several drinks and came to £47.

We arrived at approximately eight pm without booking. It seemed very busy but they managed to fit us in. Even though they were busy we didn’t feel rushed, in fact it was after ten when we left. The restaurant was quite small and decorated in the usual curry house décor of fake Indian pictures and dodgy wallpaper. It did look clean though, but could do with a little modernising.

The food was very good, piping hot and full of flavour. The rice was excellent and the Peshwari naan was probably the best I’ve had. My curry was the lamb Ceylon which I’ve never had before, so I have no frame of reference to judge it against. It did taste like the menu said it would and was just spicy enough not to drown out the other flavours. I had a little of each of the rice dishes and all were excellent especially the garlic. The Bombay aloo was probably gilding the lily a little, but it was very good. The beer was bottled Cobra, it was ice cold, refreshing and perfect with a curry.

Just before the bill arrived we got slices of fresh Orange, after eight mints and hot towels. Tracy got a Carnation. I enjoyed the meal and I liked the ambiance, it was friendly and relaxed. I think the atmosphere was helped by all the tables being in their own little booth, it gave a feeling of privacy even though you could hear the buzz of the place.

Overall I give it a creditable 7/10.

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