Friday, January 09, 2004  

Back to the grindstone.

Three weeks off and the hatred dims a little, three days back and it all comes sharply back into focus. Three weeks off also put a couple of inches around my middle, so I'm doubly pissed off. The stone I lost on my brief stint with Dr Atkins has all found its way back to its original abode.

Along with the extra weight, I seem to be carrying more than my usual amount of apathy. I can't be arsed doing things that need to be done, both at work and at home. I think I need a fucking holiday.

Anyway, I found this. A few months ago I got a big one of these in my email, I tried to send it to the usual suspects but it was too big for my new mail server. Sorry, waffling again. Have a go at a couple, they're fucking ace !

Last night I bought this, I can feel a major upgrade coming on. Now I just need a big fuck-off processor to go in the nice shiny box.

Enough of this tedious wank, I need to recharge my creative thingy. (see I can't even make words do the things I want them to - bastards). I'll be back after a short break, it may be a couple of hours, it may be a couple of weeks.

In the words of Fu Manchu, "I will return".

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