Thursday, January 22, 2004  


just go with the flow     January 21st - February 19th.

Aquarians are - Ambidextrous, day dreaming cyclists with a tendency to state the beedin' obvious.

This month is an ideal time to become a celebrity chef, all you need is an annoying catchphrase and a complete inability to cook anything vaguely edible, and you're set for life. If you get a chance to sell your soul in the second week of February I would advise against it. Any other time and you're ok. Try to ensure you maintain a liberal supply of class A drugs, you'll need them on Valentines Day, oh and keep a pen and paper handy. Necessity is the mother of invention after all; sadly its father is ennui.

Do: Plant the seeds of doubt.
Don't: Pull your punches
Say: "Praise Atkins and pass me a pork chop".

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