Thursday, December 04, 2003  

Stuff #41

Last night we watched three films, Oceans eleven (the re-make), Dog soldiers and The cat and the Canary. Oceans eleven was good, but only because I have always loved films about robberies. I'm not going to compare it to the original because they are totally different. Dog soldiers was the pick of the three, it was action packed, gory and a fucking good laugh. Sean Pertwee was excellent as was the supporting cast and in true Hammer style, the special effects were shite. Fantastic ! The cat and the canary, again a re-make, was good. The acting was a bit hammy but I think it was supposed to be and again the effects were crap but on the whole a decent film.

I've re-jigged the Portal page in keeping with the blog colours, although it looks a bit minimalist.

The puzzle has no takers as yet, the prize is gathering dust on our bookshelf, and no I haven't read it. It will go to he winner in pristine condition.

I've just finished downloading a big wedge of crimbo songs; I'm getting all festive now the decorations are up in the shop. We don't put them up at home until a couple of days before Christmas, last year it was Christmas eve. It's different now the tax dodger isn't living at home, but some people take it a bit too far. There is a house about a mile from here and it's lit up like Blackpool illumi-fucking-nations, their electric bill must be huge, people gawp at it whilst driving past, children stand and stare, light aircraft try to land on the roof. It should be put under some kind of nuisance control. It gives Christmas a bad name; lights should be on the inside not festooned about your house like an electrified rash. An eye-sore tax could work, bin all the speed cameras and impose a tax that penalises people with too many bulbs and too much time. Fuckers !

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