Tuesday, December 02, 2003  

Junk mail.

For years I accepted it as a part of life, like the common cold or that itch between your shoulder blades, annoying but inevitable. Then a while ago I started fighting back, and they made my job a little easier by always enclosing a pre-paid return envelope. I would tear the myriad bits of paper inside these junk packages into small pieces, always ensuring my name and address were still legible. Then I posted the bits back to them in their own envelope, thus forcing them to pay twice for every piece of shite they sent me. Then recently I started mixing up the innards of the junk packages and posting them willy-nilly, I figured a little confusion might slow down the process a little. These two tactics are all very well, but the junk kept coming, it was obviously having no effect so I came up with a different idea.

I have made a little "with compliments" slip to put inside the pre-paid envelopes, they aren't going to stop the flow of colourful detritus over night but they may start getting the message across. You can grab it here, stick your name and address where the blurred bit is and paste three of them into a word document. Print a few out and start making the annoying fuckers pay for the shite they send. You never know, if enough people do it the cost of the extra postage could make some companies think twice before they opt for a mail drop.

You could, if you can be arsed, make your own. If you do, or if you use mine and get a response let me know. Hopefully by including my blog address I may get some comments from the letter openers.

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