Thursday, December 18, 2003  

Dr Smirnov I presume ?

Yes the good doctor has been gracious enough to pay me a visit tonight. I'm full of curry and booze, with nearly three weeks off work to look forward to. We did a bit of Christmas shopping tonight in Carlisle; the city centre has gone for the themed crimbo lights this year. Either that or they got a job lot of blue bulbs. It looked very nice indeed !

Where was I ? Oh yeah, bulbs ! On the way home we noticed an increasing amount of those fucking houses that think it's a good idea to strap three thousand fucking Christmas lights to the outside of their abode. "It's for the kids" they whine when you call them twats, "So, your kids sit in the fucking garden all night then do they ?" Aspatria (It's a little town between Carlisle and Workington) must have entered the competition being run by the daily cunt, to find the most lit up town in the fucking world. It can be seen from space, it accounts for about thirty percent of Cumbria's electricity requirement. It's like the fucking golden mile !

I just nipped into Tesco for a bottle of voddy and a couple of cartons of orange juice, the queues were fucking horrendous. Not one of the bastards with mounds of shopping would let me go first with my three items. Twats !

The doctor is calling me, gotta go.

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