Thursday, December 11, 2003  

Defence budget ?

It appears that the British forces have been at war using substandard and in some cases non-existent equipment. One regiment was even sent out to Iraq with the wrong uniform. A conversation in an Iraqi bunker could have gone a little something like this:

Farouk: “Hey Abdul, what is that green thing moving toward us across the desert ?”
Abdul: “I have no idea Farouk, pass me my field glasses”.
Abdul: “No, it can’t be !” “It is, it’s a British army soldier.”
Farouk: “But he stands out worse than that pink Camel you used to own.”
Farouk: “What ever happened to that pink Camel ?”
Abdul: “It was shot by the Iranians.”
Farouk: “Pass me my rifle Abdul.”
Abdul: “It’s a good job old Bush sold us these wonderful rifles Farouk.”
Farouk: “Yes, or this war would have been over in one day”
Farouk: “Right, where was I ? Ah yes, brown, brown, brown….green, thwok.”

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