Sunday, December 28, 2003  

Christmas recap.

There just aren't enough hours in a day. I finished on the eighteenth and I haven't had a lie in yet.

24th.  I went to collect the tax dodger from Manchester in the morning, had my hair cut in the afternoon, then went home and wrapped pressies for most of the night.

25th.  Spent most of the day eating, then trawled the surrounding area for a duty chemist, Tracy had an allergic reaction to some hair product she had used.

26th.  Had a marathon shopping trip in Carlisle, we both love the sales and I got nice things.

27th.  Opened the shop and it was our busiest day of the year in cash terms, then had Chinese for tea. During the afternoon Tracy was looking for some posters in the back of the shop and found the missing camera. Which was a fucking top bonus and will put an end to all the piss-taking I have been on the end of recently.

28th.  Went to Newcastle. Toys r us are selling console games cheaper than our suppliers can sell them. Fucking national chains, we may as well exploit the situation, as there is no toys r us in Cumbria. While we were there we had a mooch around the Metro centre and had fish and chips from Harry Ramsdens.

I'm absolutely fucked ! I need vodka and sleep in that order.

The man from Japan gets here tomorrow, I don't know whether to tell you about him or not. He's a very secretive international man of mystery.

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