Saturday, November 29, 2003  

Schroedinger should have had a dog.

Since the John Titor site I have read two books on time travel, and I'm now more confused. According to one physicist reality only exists because we think it does. It's all about sub atomic particles being in a constant state of flux, apparently they test out possible futures and take the most favourable. This theory could be used on a bigger scale for humans; it explains aliens, ghosts, deja vous and a host of other "paranormal" stuff. What we see are apparently time storms. The second physicist thinks that Einstein and Hawking are barking up the wrong tree, (quite how Steven Hawking could bark up any tree is fucking beyond me). The theory is that time isn't linear it just exists in one big lump and we are free to move around in it. The problem is the uncertainty principle, it just fucks things up. The universe fucked up by a cat in a box ! Who would of thought it ?

Any questions ?

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