Wednesday, November 26, 2003  

Justice ?

Today I have been in court to give evidence against a racist fuck-head. He told lies of course but the weight of evidence against him sealed his fate. After four people stood up and told the court that he had called someone a "B**** C***", he tried to convince the court that he said "You daft bastard". I can see how you would get confused, I mean they sound similar, fucking idiot.

So, when the magistrate told the nazi scumbag that he had been found guilty and then retired to decide his fate, you would think they would come back with something to set an example in an area of the world that really needs it, or send a message to the rest of the inbred Neanderthals that these kind of hate filled crimes will not be tolerated in the twenty-first century. Did they do it ? Did they fuck.

£150 fine to paid at £12 per fortnight !

OK, I thought, that was the fine part, now comes the proper sentence. But no, they stood up and fucked off, leaving the rest of dumbfounded. The fucking scroat who had just got the result he wanted waltzed out of the court with a smile and a spring in his step.

Is it me or has the system failed to punish the criminal and instead seriously let down a victim ?

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