Sunday, November 23, 2003  

Head fuck.

I found this site on Skin, and it's done my head in. Time travel has been an ongoing theme here for the past eighteen months, probably because I believe that most of the written history is a pack of lies and I would like to see some of it for myself. I'm not too bothered about seeing into the future, I don't want to know what evil things await us. I want to know what happened in the past.

First on my list of places to visit would be Easter 34 AD, I want to know exactly what happened when Jesus was alleged to have risen from the dead. Not because I want bring down the catholic church, although it would be nice to see the back of one of the most corrupt organisations on earth, or because I want to damage peoples faith in god. I just want to know the truth; after all it's what science is all about. To finally know the truth about Christianity would set science free.

Where and when would you go with your brand new shiny time machine ?

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