Thursday, November 06, 2003  

Bluetealeaf winter menu.

Hors D' Oeuvres:

A rhombus of quails eggs on a nest of distressed spinach with a cauliflower jus.

Thatched tiger prawns in a tsunami of quince essence, with a hint of irony.

Main Courses:

Orphaned pork with roasted pigeons feet set on a pyramid of butternut daufinoisse and a quenelle of caramelised strawberry stalks.

A rapport of Trout, lovingly caressed in a wild jalapeno coulis resting on a bed of pan-fried cactus spines, oppressed by a cantaloupe julienne.


Banana Ben Nevis with Praline anecdotes in a cooking sherry jus, drizzled with a cuckold's tears.

A sub-cellar of toffee ice cream sat on a scree of Skittles accompanied by a map of New Zealand made from nougat and honey.

This menu was inspired by this bunch of arse !

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