Sunday, November 16, 2003  

500 years of humanitarian intervention.

Last night we went to see Rob Newman at the Whitehaven civic hall. The tour is titled "From Caliban to the taliban". The vast majority of the show is dedicated to debunking the media's obsession with portraying the yanks as a peaceful altruistic nation, who only goes to war as a last resort when their security is threatened. With facts like "Only in 1892 have America gone a full twelve months without being at war with someone abroad" you can tell he has worked very hard on the history and the background info. On top of all the fantastic facts and history was bloody good comedy, he hasn't lost his touch since the Mary Whitehouse experience days, and because he has got older he has a more mature outlook on life but with just enough silliness to keep you giggling. In the second half of the show he got his ukulele and took the piss out of Dylan for doing corporate gigs in Silicon Valley, and obviously Bush jnr snr and grandpappy came in for some much deserved stick. This wasn't just about the yanks though; he had a go a Blair and his cronies as well as Churchill and the reasons behind the first world war. I'll leave you with this final fact. If Blair and Bush were subjected to the same justice as the nazi war criminals were at Nuremberg, they would both have been hanged.

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