Wednesday, October 01, 2003  

To read, or not to read.

That is the question. I got my dinner ready and sat in my usual chair in the canteen. I opened my book, the latest anthology by Stephen King, and began to read, punctuated only by the occasional chomp on my dinner. I love reading and eating, I find it’s the best way to escape work while I’m actually there. I had just got to the bit where the devil tells the little boy that his mum's just dropped dead, and then I hear………”Simon, you know about them computers don’t you ?” “Yes” I replied, and continued reading (I know it’s antisocial but these people have all fucking day to engage me in conversation). “If I was to go and buy a new PC, nothing fancy, just to get me on the net, where would be the best place to go ?” Sensing I wasn’t going to get much more read, I put my book down and told him the best place to go. Satisfied, he went on eating his dinner. I waited a few seconds and when I thought he was finished chatting I picked up my book and carried on reading. “So them Gateway computers no good then” he said, “No they’re shit” I said, a little too tersely and got back to my book.

This scenario has happened a few times with different people at work, and always the same pattern. They don’t say a fucking word until you start reading, and then there’s no shutting them up. When you put down your book and give them your undivided attention, they clam up. Only to start again the minute you begin reading.

Fucking twatting shithead wank-stained cunts !

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