Saturday, October 04, 2003  

Past present and future.

Blogger has seen fit to eat a few months' archives. I have no idea what it wants with them, but I'd like them back please.

James' opinions on natural selection have made me think. Mostly about the fact that we probably wont evolve any more, and I have said as much in his comments. The other thing he has made me think about is the future. About a year ago I wrote an entry for Keo, when I wrote it I didn't give much thought to the kind of people that will be here when Keo returns from it's mammoth 50,000 year trip. Will they look like us ? I suppose in evolutionary term 50,000 years is fuck all but when you factor in all the ways we find to harm each other, well anything can happen. It's frustrating that I'll never know, not just whether my words will ever be read, but what kind of person will read them.

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