Thursday, October 23, 2003  

Dead things.

Dead-lines, I have lots of them at the moment. My OU end of course assessment is due next Friday, I have COSHH assessments to complete at work before the end of the month, I have until the 29th to complete a summery of the IT requirements for Lock&Load so we can get some EU cash for a computer in the shop. I have to build a computer for a mate who built us a workbench in the back of the shop, and on top of all that I now have to cover another supervisor who has broken his leg playing football. Somewhere in amongst all that I have to find some free time to read all the books I have piled up. I have calculated that I will have three minutes per day to post on here, does anyone read shorthand ?

Dead-pool, we had one at work a couple of years ago. When Willie Whitelaw popped his clogs Steve won £830. I'm thinking of starting one up, but there are several good ones online so I think I'll keep it just on paper. I will keep you posted.

Dead-end, I really need to find a new job. Working shifts is fucking me up badly, next year will be my twentieth year working strange hours and it's taking its toll.

Dead-good, these fine things via other people. Little guy, happy tree friends and fly guy.

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