Friday, October 10, 2003  

The bindippers waltz.

Our civic amenity site, or tip as it used to be known, is on our route home from the shop. It comprises a series of large skips, each one for a different type of household rubbish. At this time of year it's dusk as we are driving past, and we can see the bindippers. These curious creatures come out under cover of darkness and rummage about like reverse wombles, making use of things that everyday folks leave behind. Today we saw one of the dippers standing in the skip throwing things behind him like a demented hound, until he found what he was looking for. There is a sign on the gate of the tip informing these strange creatures that it is in fact a crime to steal other people's rubbish. Yeah, like that's going to stop them. So they have now resorted to paying security guards to patrol the place, trouble is they have more than one site to cover, so the dippers just wait till they have been then nip over the fence and start dipping. The solution would be quite simple, just leave the gate open and put a big fucking sign up telling people to help themselves.

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