Friday, September 12, 2003  

Planets and puzzles.

Tonight is my first night shift for over a month, and they are definitely colder and longer. On clear nights I try to have a look at the stars, to try and discern patterns in the moving constellations. Even though tonight there is a full moon, I still have a good view. I think this has a lot to do with the lack of bright areas lit by countless street lamps. The most prominent thing in the sky, apart from the moon, is Mars. I can see the red colour of its surface with the naked eye. I wonder if in years to come the bringer of war will be renamed, maybe Dubya – the red planet. Blair would have to replace Pluto as the dumb dog, following his master around in giant circles for eternity.

I am currently working on a new puzzle. It will replace the one that wasn’t solved. The answer, if anyone is interested, was K9. This one, like the last, will be in stages. You will need to solve a stage before you can progress to the next. This one will be less ambiguous, and I’ll stay away from cryptic clues and trick questions. Unlike the last one, this will have a prize. The prize for the first person to complete this years grand bluetealeaf Autumn puzzle will be………… No, I’ll tell you later. Let’s build the suspense a little.

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