Monday, August 25, 2003  


Last week Tracy and me went to the baths. It's been nearly ten years since I last went swimming and I had a bit of a shock. When I was a lot younger (14 ish) I passed most of the swimming certificates that were on offer, including part of the Bronze medallion, which is a lifesavers badge. I swam 5 miles one day, for which I was sponsored, and represented my school at a national swimming competition. In short I was a fucking good swimmer and because I was young I put it all down to technique and not stamina.

Hence the look of sheer terror that plastered itself to my mush when I got half way down my first length, only to realise I was absolutely fucked and past the point of no return. I dragged what little reserve of energy I had left and managed to get to the side, where I stayed for about three minutes gulping in great lungs full of air. I started again and this time took it a lot slower. In total I did ten lengths in about thirty minutes. Ever the sensible one, Tracy did a little less but didn't make a complete twat of herself. After the thirty minutes we got out and went home, not much swimming time for nearly £5, but considering I didn't drown it was probably good value for money. We are going again on Tuesday; hopefully we will last a little longer.

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