Saturday, July 19, 2003  

Successful tactic.

It appears that the successful way to gain possession of a pound coin that has been glued to the floor is to wait till everyone has buggered off home. Then while you're cleaning up, prize the thing off with a screwdriver. This must be the case, 'cos it was gone when we opened up this morning.

Speaking of opening up, we had our first taste of competition this morning. Game, the national chain of computer game shops, has opened up around the corner from us. We put on a brave face in the last few weeks, but we have been worried. So far our worries have been unfounded, today was ok. Let's see what the next few weeks are like.

The arcade where our little shop is has been earmarked for development. The new rents will be so large that all but a couple of the independents will be forced out. We have received a letter from the local council telling us that "Should we want to move to the outskirts of the town, financial assistance will be provided". Now, to me that sounds like they're saying "Fuck off, we don't want little shabby shops cluttering up our spanking new shopping centre". Workington town centre will resemble all the other minor town centres in this country. This country is having its character ripped out.

And no, this bitter rant has nothing to do with City losing 2:1 at Mansfield.

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