Saturday, July 19, 2003  

Red neck day.

This morning we watched two squaddies (army recruitment office opposite our shop) super glue a pound coin to the arcade floor. We have spent most of the day laughing at people trying to pick it up. We noticed different tactics depending on the type of person.

#1. Ohmygod there's a pound coin: Mostly children. You point to the pound coin, then run over to pick it up, after failing dismally you then attempt to kick it in the vain hope that the rubber from the bottom of your trainers will somehow break the bond.
Score: 5/10 for trying. 0/10 for ingenuity. 0/10 for success.

#2. I wonder if anyone's looking: Mostly older people. You wander over to the coin surreptitiously, you then bend to pick it up and upon realisation that it's stuck you carry on walking in one fluid motion.
Score: 2/10 for trying. 5/10 for ingenuity. 0/10 for success.

#3. Ok where's the camera: Mostly everyone else. You catch sight of the coin and stop dead in your tracks. You then have a good look around in case you are being watched. After wandering into the general vicinity of the coin you then decide it's too risky and walk off laughing to yourself.
Score: 0/10 for trying. 0/10 for ingenuity. 0/10 for success.

The coin was still there when we closed; I'll keep you posted as to the successful tactic.

To finish of my red neck day, I ate my tea in my underwear (my tea was on a plate not in my underwear) I was too warm. Next I may well be washing myself with a rag on a stick !

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