Sunday, July 27, 2003  

New for old.

Yesterday Tracy bought me a spanking new printer/copier/scanner so I have been itching to use it. My old scanner has been fucked for a while. I had intended to upload some old photos but then technology conspired against me. Now I can scan and publish willy nilly so here is the first one. It's a view of Scotland over the Solway Firth, taken from the front garden of our old house. We moved out a couple of months before I started blogging. It was perfect for bringing up a teenage taxdodger, miles from trouble, unless you count shouting at cows, which at the time of writing isn't an offence punishable in law. When the taxdodger left we moved into our little flat, but I still miss the peace and quiet, and the view.

More to follow, and if there are any pictures you want to see just ask.

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