Sunday, July 13, 2003  

"Do something !"

Tony Blair didn't really deceive anyone; you're not telling me you actually believed him when he said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction ? Next you'll be telling me that you believed New Labours election promises. The most interesting thing about present developments is Blair's reluctance to accept Dubyas medal (sounds too much like Dastardly and Mutley for my liking). It does show Blair is worried more than ever about public perceptions. It will be interesting to see if he takes Glenda Jackson's advice and resigns when no evidence of WMDs is forthcoming.

Why oh why oh fucking why do checkout operators put the receipt in your hand, then put the change on top ? It's infuriating; you have to try to jiggle the cash into your other hand whilst simultaneously holding five carrier bags and dodging some ineffectual parents rogue offspring. A little common sense please, put the change in the palm of my hand and then I can take the receipt with my finger and thumb.

Speaking of ineffectual parents, we get them in the shop all the time. It's no surprise that teenage crime in rising faster than something that rises very fast. Parent brings child into shop and proceeds to look at the games, ignoring child. Child then careers around the shop shouting at the top of its lungs, picking games up, tugging posters and generally getting in the way of other customers. Parent then notices child and says, "Don't do that Taylor/Jackson/Courtney/Chelsea". I stand thinking to myself "You should give it a fucking good hiding, take it home and put it to bed with no tea".

Cue irate anti smacking campaigners, go on I dare you !

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