Sunday, July 13, 2003  

The day the music died.

We were rudely awakened by a rock band, and I use the term loosely, covering Black Sabbaths Paranoid. They went on to murder songs by Guns and Roses and Oasis. By this time we were washed and dressed and feeling curious as to what was going on. There was some kind of function in full swing down on the marina, so I took my camera and went to investigate.

Our marina.
Kids jumping into the sea.
More kids jumping into the sea.
Some Swans and Signets.
Lots of Ducks.

By the time we got back the rock band were in the beer tent, the dj had gone down like a lead balloon and the Samba /Calypso marching band were just getting warmed up, it's no surprise that the kids were throwing themselves off the dock.

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