Friday, June 06, 2003  

No rest for the wicked !

Some days are really empty, empty because nothing much happens. Today has been extremely full. This morning Tracy won a radio competition for free cinema tickets, not a big prize I know, but a prize none the less. She correctly identified the theme to "The king and I" and got to talk to the DJ. They don't do it live, he records it then plays it back a few minutes later. Cheat !

Then, after we shut the shop we went to Newcastle, mainly to visit Ikea but we also went for the fish and chips. After all the artwork I have bought off ebay recently we needed a lot of picture frames and Ikea is very good for those. As always we ended up buying a lot more than just picture frames and didn't get home till gone half ten.

Ok, so it doesn't sound too full, but we did a day's work in the middle of it all, and the drive over to Geordie land was punctuated at regular intervals with speed cameras. Soon there will be no fun in having a little sports car !

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