Thursday, May 29, 2003  

Eureka !

A blinding flash of light and the truth revealed itself to me. The phenomenon of all those bloggers who are suffering from a dearth of cogent thought. Chem-trails ! Some evil despot is poisoning our brains in an attempt to keep us all stupid and uninformed, beer just doesn’t do it anymore, too much restraint. Commercial aircraft are their delivery system, that’s why there’s a war on terrorism, to get us back in the sky so they can drop their chemicals on us. Mobile phone masts are being used for nefarious purposes also; they can track us by viewing the field distortion…….fuck me I sound like Jordi LaForge.

Who is this mysterious “They” ? And well you might ask. They must be a large fast food outlet, one with Scottish connotations maybe. The reason is simple, keep us stupid enough to eat the shite they peddle as food, and to see where we congregate so they can build another fucking “restaurant”. Maybe someone can explain to me why, in a world with so many hungry people, a fast food business is so powerful. It’s beyond my fucking comprehension. It’s not as if the food is vaguely edible, it tastes like chemical goo. Poisoning the mind and the body, soon we will be theirs, unless we fight. Get back in that fucking kitchen and make some proper food, stop feeding your face with mashed up cow shit.

So, what’s for tea then ? Ahm, well there’s bse in beef and lamb, there’s beef protein in chicken, salmonella in eggs, female hormones in fish, organophosphates in fruit and vegetables, aluminum in drinking water, all the soya is genetically modified and everything else contains gelatin.

“Do you want fries with that ?”

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