Friday, July 12, 2002  

Wanted: more words.

Sometimes words just aren't good enough. How can I express feelings so strong they make me want to scream ? I try to put down onto the "page" what I'm thinking, but when I read it back it is weak, and bears no real resemblance to the emotions behind my ponderings. Highlight - delete - start again.....this literary trinity has become a pattern that runs through almost all my posts, I suppose it's a fair reflection of my limited writing skills, especially as I visit some of my daily reads which seem to flow beautifully, weaving ideas and conclusions into bright written tapestries. My daily reads list is growing rapidly, and I'm finding it hard to make time for them all. I urge you to have a look if you have an hour or so to spare, they are all well worth the effort. I will endeavour to keep trying to express my self here, although one blog I have been reading for a while has just thrown in the towel, damn shame as well, it was one of the best weblogs I have ever read. As the old saying goes: all good things come to an end.............whoever said that obviously never saw Eldorado !

The response I received to my poem last week has encouraged me to put some more of my stuff on a separate page, feelings of inadequacy notwithstanding, I might do it next week. They are mostly hidden on scraps of paper and have only ever been read by two people, I'm already trying to find reasons not to do it. This monitor, machine, telephone line is a nice cosy barrier between me and you, if I share my other stuff it will remove the barrier and expose me, naked (shudder) and open to ridicule. This is not something I relish, so bear with me ?

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