Saturday, July 06, 2002  

My two penneth mmkay !

The result of the poll is quite conclusive, it seems most people want to see all drugs legalised. The way society views the whole drug scene is riddled with hypocrisy and double standards. There are more deaths from smoking than all the other drugs combined, and alcohol abuse is one of the main causes of violence in the home, not to mention the deaths caused by drunk drivers. Yet the government and the people find these addictions acceptable, why ? Get this image in your mind......a junkie, the stereotype, you know the kind, I don't have to describe it. Now picture Jamie Blandford, both these are (were) heroin addicts, the only difference is one of them can afford to support his habit as well as live a comfortable life, and one can't. If heroin were legal and available on the national health (the national health service pays £4 for an ounce of 100% heroin) the addict could afford to live properly and support his habit. You can argue that we shouldn't be encouraging people to take "hard" drugs, but I truly believe in allowing people the freedom to live their own lives, without the shackles of our nanny state and the disapproving glare of a holier-than-thou society (I argued with someone about this whilst they held a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other). Just for the record, there have been no recorded deaths as a result of smoking Cannabis, and contrary to popular belief Cannabis does not progress to heroin via LSD, Speed and Cocaine. I know people who have been pot smokers for years without the need to look for something harder. If our society were to remove the criminal element from the drug culture and make it acceptable, and an issue of choice, we will free up all the money we use to track down, arrest, try and incarcerate all drug criminals. We will remove all the mystery and romance from a culture that in reality is neither mysterious or romantic, and we will be better able to control the quality of the drugs on offer, and by doing so reduce the amount of deaths that are increasing because of poor quality or "cut" drugs. As a parent I have to say that the "you will not do drugs" approach to the control of your offspring is a very naive and often counter productive method, due to the fact that your kids will more often than not do the exact opposite just to spite you. I suppose what we should do is make drugs legal and say we think they are "cool", they wouldn't touch them with a barge poll, then outlaw vegetables.....we will soon see gangs of youths hiding down back alleys eating raw Carrot, and drinking Wheatgrass, "that vitamin C, it's such a buzz maaan !". My new slogan "say no to Sprouts, they're not big and they're not clever".

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