Sunday, June 23, 2002  

The return of the dirty look.

Nearly nineteen years ago when Tracy was in hospital after the birth of the tax dodger, the rest of the women in the ward were nice...until they found out how old she was, then they stopped talking to her. That was just the start, you could see people working out the maths, just before they looked down their nose at you. It did get a little easier as he we all got older, but it was still there even up to a couple of years ago. I have to admit that it's never really bothered me, in fact sometimes it was quite amusing. When the tax dodger left for uni' last September it simply wasn't there anymore, one less thing to think about.......or was it ? Recently I have noticed people looking at us with the same quizzical expression on their face, they see us in our little sports car, music blasting out, and you can see them thinking "why haven't you got any kids yet" and this time it's pissing me off. So , today we went out in our little blue sports car with our music blasting out, and when we encountered these thirty-something, career orientated, Volvo driving fuckers we just pointed and laughed, it made us feel better. I think it's going to become a sort of pastime, our little retort to all those fuckers who didn't have the balls to come out and say it to our faces.

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