Saturday, June 15, 2002  

Present imperfect.

Disregarding any miracles of modern science, if you are reading this within a couple of days of me posting it, then you probably wont see the next century. I know it’s a sobering thought, and probably a little morbid, but I need to set the mood. Do you ever think that you were born far too early ? I do, and it pisses me off big style. All the things we are going to miss, scientific discoveries, technological advances, and a host of others good and bad. I’m sure those of you that have vivid imaginations can envisage some amazing things, but it doesn’t come close to knowing the way things will be. Remember the seventies idea of now ? they were way off the mark, all white rounded plastic, sterile and clean. Our idea of the next century will be equally way off the mark. You have probably guessed that I have been watching science fiction movies, they always do this to me, from the time I read “time machine”. We have just watched a film about Mars starring Val Kilmer and that woman out of Matrix, not a great film, but it had some good ideas. In the film Val is the first man to walk on Mars, now considering what Neil Armstrong said when he set foot on the moon, Val had a lot to live up to…So what were his words of wisdom as he became the first human being to step on another planet ? What philosophical pearl did he leave for history ? He said…….."ugh !" I could have done better than that. What would you say ?

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