Thursday, June 13, 2002  

Changes and mushroom clouds.

I’ve been arsing about with the layout again, I suppose it will never be finished….a bit like painting the forth bridge. Still no takers on the puzzle ! The clues are there if you look deeply enough.

One of the nuclear trains from our local power plant trundled past at quarter past eight, bang on time. If a dedicated terrorist wanted to hijack one of these babies all he would need to do is have his henchman park his helicopter near our train station, and bingo….bomb juice ! Or maybe if he asked nicely, Mr. Straw would sell him some. Talking of nuclear devastation, the theme tune to the BBC's world cup program is a re-working of "Kashmir" an old Led Zepp’ tune……do you think the BBC are trying to tip us off about India and Pakistan ? Perhaps president fuck-fuck has contacts in Cumbria !

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