Wednesday, June 19, 2002  

Back in the saddle.

After exactly a month off work I finally went back last night, just eight hours though… ease me back in gently. I wont miss the quarter final, I’ll stay up and watch it, then sleep later. Hopefully I will be on nights next week as well, so the semi’s are safe. Oh no….I’m tempting fate, I’ll shut up now !

I have just added links to two new sites in my weekly reads, "tagline", a movie blog which makes me laugh, and "synearth", a news site that makes me go "hmmmm". I think you will like them both.

Yesterday we went to a continental market, it’s on a tour of Cumbria and well worth a visit if it comes to your neck of the woods. We got some Fig jam, which we have had for breakfast with continental bread and coffee. Among other things we got; something tasty, a blue thing, something soft, and some runny things. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything with a pointy end !

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