Saturday, April 09, 2011  

Don't you remember you once knew a girl...

There’s a certain quality of light on a spring morning, it makes it seem wasteful to stay in bed. In the depths of winter, staying in bed all day seems like the right thing to do, but today there was something different, the tug of an unseen string.

Unfortunately that unseen string also tugs the smokers from the club’s doorway and deposits them on garden chairs in the car park. It wouldn’t be a big problem, but the further into the weekend we get, the more drunk they get and consequently the more cigarettes they smoke. The smoke rises and comes in through our windows. Cause and effect – sunny weather equals smoky house. This annoys me greatly, I smoke my cigars outside, away from people’s windows and our house still ends up smelling.

The upshot of being roused early from our slumbers was that we had our normal Saturday morning in reverse. We got up and went shopping, then made sausages for breakfast, then got back in bed and read the papers.

Now for the crossword.

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