Sunday, March 27, 2011  

Falling through liquid air with music everywhere

The Crowes have departed for pastures new, or the Crow equivalent of pastures, roofs probably. The peace has been deafening.

I feel comfortable back here, I know there have been some false re-starts, but this time just feels right. I’ve altered a few things, added some stuff and deleted the dead blogs in the list. I’ve added some new ones and some old friends who have moved to new addresses. Things are different and technology has driven things in other directions. I prefer to manage my blogroll manually, old school. Happily the content of blogs is what I want, not how shiny or new-fangled it is.

I still have things to say, and Facebook isn’t the best place to evolve ideas and sow seeds. Twitter was fun for about a day but I lost interest. I’m a waffler and limited characters wasn’t doing it for me.

I have all the old comments from YACCS but absolutely no idea how to import them. I can code html by hand, I know hexadecimal colour codes from memory, but the code that blogger uses has always stumped me. I think for the foreseeable future there will be a lot of zeros on the older posts… in fact there may well be a lot of zeros on the new ones, who knows.

Nine years tomorrow since I first blogged, how time flies and how we all change.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

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