Thursday, August 16, 2007  

God made you do it ?

I hear stories of religious idiots who commit atrocities in the name of their particular grey haired old man in the sky. I have even heard of people who murder other human being because god told them to. Some sick fuckers picket funerals and abuse those people who have cause to use abortion clinics. “God told me” is the excuse I’ve heard countless times.

Something puzzles me about this. Why doesn’t god tell them to come and wash my car ? Or do a bit of dusting. When walking down the street, why doesn’t someone offer me a tenner because “god told them to” ?

Isn’t it strange how god only asks his followers to do evil ?

And don’t even think of telling me that millions of people do good every day in the name of god…. They don’t get voices in their heads. They do good deeds because they have an innate capacity for kindness, filtered and refined over countless generations. A perfect example of evolution. Survival of the fittest, nothing more, nothing less.

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