Monday, January 29, 2007  

It makes you think.

We all have things that are precious to us, maybe they’re real or possibly they are memories, special thoughts or secrets. We have places to hide them away, behind locks or in holes under the floor, or maybe wrapped in the deep confines of our minds. Sometimes we lock things away so safe and for so long we forget ourselves where they are. Then years later, a smell or a particular string of words spoken in a certain way can take you back, and all is revealed again.

Have you ever just found yourself thinking about an old friend or place you used to visit ? Just a thought out of the blue ? I wonder what triggered it, I wonder what series of smells and sounds, or words would bring those deep memories back to the surface again ?

I have found myself making a mental process of this recently. If I suddenly think of someone or something I try and trace the most recent sights and sounds, or word, music, tastes, or anything else that could contribute to the retrieval process.

I find myself fascinated by the mind, by everything from its evolution to it chemical processes and beyond into what it may be capable of.

One of my memory triggers is the smell of raw tobacco, it brings back a vivid memory of childhood, being cold and wrapped up in my dad’s sheepskin coat at the side of a cricket field. It has occurred to me that maybe once you have made the connection that every time after you are just referring back to the most recent time it happened. In that case it maybe more than the smell, it could have been something else.

Help me out; do you have any memory triggers ? Do you know why ? Or do you just have an opinion ?

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