Sunday, January 22, 2006  

Tempus fugit.

Today is the last day of my thirties. I wonder when the depression will kick in ? So far I’m having a great time. I don’t feel 40 though; maybe that’s why I’m not that arsed about it. Tracy took me away for a couple of days to Scotland, Ballachulish (pronounced bala-hoo-lish). We stayed in a nice hotel, ate and drank too much and stared at the dramatic scenery. As you travel along the A82 towards Fort William you turn a corner and are presented with a set of brooding mountains, capped with snow, dark and foreboding. I thought we were going on holiday to Mordor. Unfortunately we were both too awestruck to get any pictures. I’ll never make a photographer; too busy staring to get a good picture. I did get a sea otter on film, or it could have been a seal. The lack of a definite description of the animal will probably give you some idea of my video camera skills as well.

Ah well, I did get a bottle of ten-year-old single malt that was bottled on my birthday. Edradour is the smallest distillery in Scotland and my numbered bottle was aged in a port cask. I’m not of those people who “put things away” to save for special occasions. I’ve opened it already, and it’s gorgeous. It’s technically a work night, but I can see me knocking back a few more of the pale yellow stuff.

We came home by a circuitous route, via Oban which was closed. It was a nice drive back, nothing like the dramatic scenery of the journey there. I can recommend driving to Fort William on the A82, especially at this time of year, and keep your camera charged and ready.

To celebrate the last day of my thirties I had a breakfast that I’ve never had before. Eggs Benedict.

I’ve always fancied it, but hadn’t got around to it until this morning. It was worth the wait. Is there anything you’ve never had, but always fancied ?

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