Sunday, September 04, 2005  

September morning.

Yet again the muse has fucked off and left me, it’s been over a week since I could be bothered to write anything. I think it’s a touch of excitement about the new job, coupled with decorating the bedroom.

Some things that have made me go hmm this week:

Blair mumbled something about bad parenting being responsible for the poor behaviour of children. Fucking stunning piece of deduction from our leader, I don’t begrudge him a cent of the cash we pay him to come up with this shit.

The hurricane that ravaged the southern US has caused some serious damage to people’s lives. But what amazed me was the speed that society degenerated into chaos. You know that Bush won’t admit he was wrong not to sign the Kyoto agreement, instead he will declare war on weather.

Sven Goran Eriksson, master football tactician and true Renaissance man, picked Bradley Wright-Phillip’s brother to start against Wales, thus shunting Beckham to centre midfield. When Brad’s brother sported a sky blue shirt he was used as a bench warmer for England, but now he plays for Chelsea he gets a start. This may sound unpatriotic, but I wish Sven would fuck off, and if that means England loosing a few matches, so be it.

In our search for accoutrements for our newly decorated bedroom I have had cause to go hmm twice. First we saw a cushion in a shop, yes I know I hate cushions but Tracy doesn’t and I’m nothing if not accommodating. Thing is, this cushion was £25…. Twenty five fucking pounds for one cushion, do these people live on Mars ? Speaking of Mars, I have finally discovered the location of the legendary MFI warehouse, it must be on Mars. A Martian week is about double ours, that explains the long delivery times. I asked how long it would take to deliver an ottoman, “about two weeks” the bloke replied. “Is that MFI weeks ?” I asked, “No, 2 real weeks !” he said, with real feeling. I laughed out loud.

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