Tuesday, July 19, 2005  

Unidentified female infant.

I really love football, and I have a lifelong love of Manchester City, but sometimes they conspire to make me fucking sick. The sale of Shaun Wright-Philips to Chelsea has taken away all the good feelings from the end of last season and dampened any optimism I had for the new one. The signing of Andrew Cole is just rubbing salt in the wounds. Fowler and Cole, a dream partnership ten years ago, is what we have to look forward to. It’s a sign of the times when a team that finishes eighth in the prem’ has to sell its best player. By all accounts the board had little choice in the matter. Good luck to the little man, but I can’t help feeling he will be used as a seat warmer in Mourhino’s new galacticos.

I have now listened to most of the new Oasis album, and I’m pleasantly surprised. I know they are overrated, but so are Coldplay, I know they are arrogant fuckers, but their new album is better than the crap they have been peddling of late. The importance of being idle is a very good track to start with if you’re thinking of nicking it off a p2p network. Not that I condone that sort of thing you understand.

I had thought all along that the baby Lara story was very sad, but today’s follow up has revealed another side. The child was put in the concrete alive, and the ultimate indignity is the inscription on the grave stone; it certainly puts all the wailing about Shaun Wright-Philips into perspective.

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