Friday, July 22, 2005  

Short short list.

I had my interview today for the job I really want. I had already made the short list, this was a follow up interview, he gave me loads of stuff to read and said he’d see me next week. What do you reckon, cos I think that sounds positive ? It would be very cool to go to work in a shirt and tie, instead of crappy clothes that get covered in chemicals. You know you have a shitty job when you have to wash your hands before you have a piss. The job sounds ace though, teaching in the workplace at loads of different places around Cumbria, and the best thing, it’s a day job…. No more fucking night shifts. Cross things for me please, I need this one.

TMA three had to be handed in yesterday, crap ! I posted it this afternoon with an emailed apology. This stuff is getting really hard now; this one was about genetic engineering. I’d never even heard of a recombinant plasmid until last week, now I know their fucking life story. I have realised one thing though, gene therapy is a step too far in keeping people alive. There are people living who maybe shouldn’t be, and I know that if it was me I’d be very grateful… but at some point we must stop populating this planet and let things be. I’ve ranted about this before; it must be the cheese and piccalilli sandwiches and black Russians, a deadly combination if ever there was one. I’ve been told that eating cheese before bed makes your dreams strange; this must be what happens if you eat it during the day. Who am I kidding; it’s the vodka isn’t it ?

Not in a very long time have I heard one man utter such unadulterated fucking hog wash. Why ? Why the fuck should Rangers and Celtic join the premier league ? It will make a mockery of Scottish football and seriously piss off fans of teams that have to move to a lower division, or miss out on promotion. Talk about fucking greed. Let’s face it though; it’s the only way Strachan will ever get a job in the prem’. Now if they were to join the Northern counties league division 2 like FCUM, then maybe……

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